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Wed Jul 28 12:51:00 EST 2004


I am new to the zebrafish field.  I am in the process of setting up some
fish tanks in my lab.

I have the following questions regarding this:

1.  How do you control the growth of algae in these tanks?  My tanks are
fitted with a mechanical, chemical (carbon) and biological (bio-wheel)

2.  How often do you need to clean out these tanks completely?

3.  What is the alternate method of collecting embryos besides using
marbles at the bottom of the tank?

4.  Since males and females are housed separately (though I have problem
identifying males and females clearly) is bringing them together 24h
before collections of eggs enough time for them to breed?

5.  Do you need to feed the fish before collecting the eggs that morning
or that can wait till after collection?

Thanks much for all the help.  Any suggestions are welcome to make my
entry into this field smooth.


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