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Thomas Bartman Thomas.Bartman at cchmc.org
Sat Oct 23 05:40:00 EST 2004

I have also been looking into this.  I ended up talking to some senior
executive  gentleman for Kyowa USA in New York who said that they can't
sell it in the US anymore because of some BSE concern, and therefore it is
only available in Japan.  He offered no similar product available here
now, but mentioned they are testing something in Japan that might come
here eventually.  It appears that our only option is to find a similar
product from a different manufacturer.  Does anyone have ideas of
substitute products?

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>>> "Sharon Amacher" <amacher at berkeley.edu> 10/22/04 8:11 PM >>>
Dear Zebrafish community,

We are looking for a supplier of BioKyowa Fry Food (or an alternative  dry
food) to supplement the diet of our baby fish. BioKyowa, Inc. in
is not longer selling this food (or is out of business).  Thanks in advice
for any help and advice.

Sharon Amacher

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