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It is my understanding (from one source in a hall conversation at a
aquaculture meeting) that BioKyowa contained some ruminant byproducts and
got caught in the mad cow regulations.  Being a small market item in the
US, they just dropped it rather than fight.

In commercial aquaculture, BioKyowa and all other dry diets are only
considered a partial replacement for live feeds for true larval stage
animals (ie. zebrafish).  Even in Japan and Asia, they do not consider
replacing live foods 100% with dry diets.  That is why producing live
rotifers is such a major item around the world.

We have found that you can go from larva to juvenile / young adult on just
live rotifers and even bypass artemia.  At juvenile, we shift to dry feed
but at that age they will eat anything (at that age, they can eat more
rotifers than we can produce).  With almost all live foods (rotifers and
artemia), zebra fish can go from egg to egg in 47 days.

We have been supplying live rotifers to other aquaculture hatcheries,
aquatic animal research labs and zebrafish labs.  Some zebrafish lab
customers just buy a weekly supply and don't bother with the actual
culture. Just dump them in a brackish water tank ( 10 to 20 l), add air
and some instant algae once or twice per day.  Screen out the rotifers
with a 74µ screen and feed the fish.  This gets around the rotifer culture
stability problem without the delays of batch culture or the maintenance
issues of continuous culture.

We are working out the details on being able to ship 20 million rotifers (
a weeks supply for a good size labs larval fish) in a reasonable sized box
via FedEx (reasonable cost).   The local labs just pick up the rotifers
and shipping isn't a issue.

We are trying to make it as simple as possible for the research staff so
they can concentrate on the real research and not on rotifer production
issues and instabilities.


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Dear Zebrafish community,
> We are looking for a supplier of BioKyowa Fry Food (or an alternative 
dry food) to supplement the diet of our baby fish. BioKyowa, Inc. in 
Missouri is not longer selling this food (or is out of business). 
Thanks in advice for any help and advice.
> Sharon Amacher


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