Ensembl 1-day courses at your institute.

Judy Sprague judys at vitalstatistix.cs.uoregon.edu
Mon Sep 20 12:55:00 EST 2004


Ensembl has two full time help-desk scientists who answer questions posted
to the helpdesk (http://www.ensembl.org/helpdesk/). In addition they have
developed a quite extensive 1-day course suitable for up to 30 people with
a hands-on training aspect in Ensembl. They regularly give this course to
researchers in academic institutions worldwide.

We are aiming to give this course about once a month. Currently the
remaining months in 2004 are covered and I think we will get requests for
Jan 2005, but beyond that we would be interested in visiting your
institute if you would like this.

The deal is that you have to pay for travel and accommodation for someone,
but that is the only cost. For European travel this works out to be pretty
cheap (especially as we are close to Stanstead and Ryanair prices are just
silly). For US locations we would suggest both for your cost and the
sanity of the helpdesk people that two or three near-ish (in US terms...)
institutes organise a potential road-show.

The course requires an IT room of (say) 20 PC's with internet connection
and a way for one of the machines to be projected. The course lasts one
day and can be somewhat customised to the location. Usually one can have
up to 2 people per machine.

If people are interested in this, please contact Xose
Fernandez (xose at ebi.ac.uk) for more details and potential arrangements.

Some of the course materials are also available on the web (worked
example) and I believe we will be making more materials available over
time, but our experience is that hands-on training is by far the best way
to learn the system.

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