Jeffrey Hannah HANNAHJ at
Mon Apr 4 06:39:00 EST 2005


Thanks for responding everyone, I certainly appreciate it.  Here are the
responses I have received so far:

Hi Jeffrey.  For frogs and fish, the yolk tends to crumble the wax.
>This can be fixed, as you suggest by doing plastic sectioning, which  is
more tedious, but gives beautiful results.-

I wonder if the variability has anything to do with how much yolk is  in
the particular section? Yolk-free sections, say from the head or  caudal
tail of a 24h fish will be fine w/ paraffin, but as soon as  you get to
the middle where the yolk or yolk extension is included,  you run into
problems with holes in the wax.

  -Ben Feldman (bfeldman at

Hi Jeffrey,
We have been using JB4 resin to section in situ embryos and we are getting
really nice results.  We can even take pictures and do H&E afterwards to see
histology of the section.

  -Rebecca Burdine (RBurdine at molbio.Princeton.EDU)


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