ZF RNA Extraction

Georg Otto georg.otto at tuebingen.mpg.de
Wed Apr 6 10:34:00 EST 2005



you did not specify what you consider "poor results". What is the yield  
and purity?

We use Trizol reagent from Invitrogen and have a yield of at least 0.5  
ug total RNA per 48 hpf embryo. If you are interested, I can send you  
our protocol.

Be also aware that you have to do UV-measurements of RNA in buffer (pH  
7.4-8) to get consistent results.


On Wednesday, April 6, 2005, at 08:45 AM, marc wrote:

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> Hi again all,
> Could anyone advise me on a protocol for extracting RNA from zebrafish
> I am using the small-scale SIGMA TRIZOL reagent protocol and i am
getting very poor results.  I usually de-corionate then isolate the  
RNA in
> batches of ~20 embryos (0-24 hrs) and batches of 10 for 48 (hrs).
> The yields are very poor, and the quality (in terms of ibosomal RNA) is
also poor.
> If anyone uses this method or another method of RNA extraction i would
like to hear from them.
> Cheers
> Mark
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