Zebrafish heads in resin

Heidi Barnes h.barnes at ucl.ac.uk
Thu Apr 14 04:43:00 EST 2005


I am a histology BMS at  the Institute of Ophthalmology doing paraffin 
processed autopsy human brain & ophthalmic biopsies.  Out of the blue I 
have been asked to process, cut & tinctorially stain formalin fixed adult 
zebrafish.  The work requires sectioning through the undecalcified head to
 prevent shrinkage involved in decalcification. The idea is that the
length  of a population of cells in the eye will be measured in the
stained  sections.  Antibodies not needing to be demonstrated. Orientating
the  removed eyeballs correctly would be difficult so half heads would be 
used.  I contacted Taab & they recommended Technovit 9100.  I ordered a
kit  but now find it is very difficult to use - polymerise at -10 in the
absence  of air.  I need to know :-
A) is there a resin which would support fishbone that is easier to handle 
than this methyl 	methacrylate?
B) If I have to use this product could I see someone using it & see what 
equipment they use to 	polymerised at room temp without excluding air.

Thank you very much indeed for any help you can give.

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