Egg Re-Absorption Cycle

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Here are a few -
Eaton, R.C., R.D. Farley. 1974. Spawning cycle and egg production of
zebrafish, Brachydanio rerio in the laboratory. Copeia 1974(1):195-204.
Hisaoka, K.K., C.F. Firlet. 1962. Ovarian cycle and egg production in the
zebrafish, Brachydanio rerio. Copeia 1962:788-792.

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Hi Christian,

Thank you for the very helpful information - do you know off-hand of any
specific literature where I could find more details on this?

Many thanks,

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>Depends on conditions (water quality, temperature, diet, exposure to
males, other females, etc.), and upon the individual, but at 28.5C, fed
3X day with
>live artemia, and no exposure to male between spawning events, the
ovarian cycle is around 5-7 days.  You can find this in the literature
(with a little digging), as well.  The eggs will either be reabsorbed or
released during the next spawning event.  They can also build up and
block cloaca (i.e., egg-bound females).
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>Hello Group,
>Does anyone know how long an egg would typically be maintained by a
female zebrafish before being reabsorbed if she is not able to release
the egg through spawning?
>Thank you,
>Meghan Nesler

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