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Tue Jan 25 12:20:00 EST 2005


Dear Fellow Zebrafish Researchers,

My name is Dr. Bruce Schnapp and I am a faculty member in the Cell and
Developmental Biology Department at Oregon Health & Science University. My
lab's research interest is the regulation of molecular motor
proteins in cells.  We are currently using zebrafish melanophores as a
model system to investigate molecular motor protein regulation.  This
system is ideal because we can pharmacologically induce the synchronous
intercellular movement of melanosomes and can easily screen for mutants
with defective melanosome transport.
I am writing because we are interested in collaborating with other
researchers by screening existing zebrafish pigment mutants for
defective pigment transport.  We have already successfully identified
several mutants (my graduate student, Lavinia Sheets, presented a
poster about one of them at the 2004 Zebrafish Meeting in Madison WI), and
we believe that we have just scratched the surface. Examples of fish we
are interested in screening include fish with expanded
melanophores (not due to blindness), constricted melanophores, stellate
melanophores, and unevenly pigmented melanophores.  If you have mutants
you believe we would be interested in, please contact either Lavinia
Sheets or myself.  Thank you.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Bruce Schnapp
Cell and Developmental Biology
Oregon Health & Science University
schnappb at
phone 503-494-8994
Lavinia Sheets
sheetsl at
phone 503-494-5277
fax 503-494-4253


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