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Michael Brand brand at mpi-cbg.de
Wed Jul 6 02:55:57 EST 2005

Dear colleagues,

please take note of the following

EMBO practical course "Endocytosis and signaling during development"

that we organize in Dresden, and for which we currently invite 

Application deadline is July 14 th, 2005.

Best wishes,

Michael Brand


EMBO Practical Course on

Endocytosis and signaling during development

Dresden, October 4-15, 2005

Organizers: Marcos Gonzalez-Gaitan, Michael Brand, Marino Zerial

Hands-on practical course on the following topics

- imaging endocytic trafficking in developing flies and fish
- receptor ubiquitination/endocytosis in culture cells
- endocytic assays during asymmetric cell division
- mathematical modelling of endocytic trafficking
- endocytic assays in culture cells
- FRAP, photoactivation
- electron microscopy

Further information, application forms etc.:


Application deadline: July 14 th, 2005.

Major objectives of the course:

i) to teach the participants the state of the art, emerging techniques 
to study endocytosis during signaling events in development of fish and 
ii) to teach the participants high-resolution cell biological 
techniques as applied to vertebrate cell culture in the endocytosis 
field to expand the traditionally high standards of “classical” 
molecular cell biology to the tissue level.

The study of signaling during tissue development is leaving behind a 
phase where formal genetic models account for the observed phenomena 
and enters a period where cell-to-cell communication is understood at 
the level of cell biology. In this trend, endocytosis and its 
interphase with cell signaling are in sharp focuses. Beyond the 
down-regulation of receptors by internalization, new roles for 
endocytosis during signaling include
i) the secretion of ligands through exosomes,
ii) regulating the spread of morphogens through endocytosis and 
iii) the compartmentalisation of signal transduction events in 
specialized endosomes,
iv) the generation of directional signaling during asymmetric cell 
division, among others.

These developments concern mainly two model organisms: fish and flies. 
These genetic model organisms have proven particularly useful in 
studying the role of endocytosis during development, because they allow 
rigorous genetic dissection, high-resolution imaging and manipulation 
of the cells’ machinery in relation to well-understood morphogenetic 
signaling events in the embryo or imaginal discs.

The course will be aimed at Ph.D. students and young Post-docs, who 
have decided to enter the emerging interface between the fields of Cell 
Biology and Development, and therefore need to become acquainted with 
some of the specific methods and tools that fish and flies offer to 
follow completely new experimental avenues.


Marcos Gonzalez-Gaitan
Michael Brand
Marino Zerial


Andy Oates
Frank Jülicher
Thomas Lecuit
Jean Gruenberg
Pier Paolo di Fiore
Jean Paul Vincent
Harald Stenmark
Christian Dahmann
Judith Klumpermann
François Schweisguth
Carl-Philipp Heisenberg
Alfonso Martinez-Arias
Lucas Pelkmans
Sara Sigismund
Alexander Picker
Eugenia Piddini
Max Fürthauer
Anna Kicheva
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