Maintaining conditioned water.

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One of the easiest methods of maintaining pH stability is to fill a filter
with coral sand.  This can be obtained at a pet shop.  I understand that
Seachem is a phosphate buffer system, which will intern cause Ca to be
removed from the system.  It will also passivate the coral sand by coating
the surfaces with Calcium phosphate compounds.

Zebra fish will spawn and grow between pH 5.9 and 8.0+.  They aren't very
fussy about pH.  However, depending upon your system design and load, the
nitrifying bacteria can be very fussy about pH and can quit working at a
pH below 7, with poorly designed filter systems.  Properly designed
systems will work (oxidize all ammonia to nitrate) at pH > 5.7.


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> Hello everyone. I'm having trouble maintaining the pH and conductivity
of our system water. We are trying to achieve a pH of 6.8-7.5 as well as
a conductivity of 200 - 400 uS. However, the pH is approaching below 6.6
and whenever we add Neutral Regulator by Seachem to correct the pH the
conductivity goes up, and it is now at 900uS. Would anyone have any
suggestions on how to correct this problem.
> Thank you
> Kelly Nembhard
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