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Hi everyone,


I was wondering if people would be willing to share what they typically feed
in their facilities, and how well their fish spawn?  It would be nice to get
a variety of conditions to see if there are easy improvements that could be
made to increase egg production.  I realize feeding is only part of it, and
water quality has a lot to do with this as well.  I'd be happy to summarize
any responses for the entire list.


I've been happy with how our facility is going, but every time someone in
the lab goes off to a meeting, they come back convinced everyone else's fish
lay more/better/ etc.  


We have a large facility by AHAB.


Morning feed - brine shrimp  We supplement this two days a week with either
spirulina flakes or Cyclopeze

Afternoon feed - brine shrimp supplemented with a small size trout food


We do feed 7 days a week.  Our adult fish are medium sized, and we typically
get clutches around 30-100 eggs per mating depending on the strain. At least
half of our crosses tend to produce eggs.  This ratio goes up considerably
if the fish are routinely set up each week.


In a related question, while we do add Calcium Sulfate to our stand alone
system, we haven't been adding it to our main facility.  Do people normally
do this?  How do you determine how much to add to your water?


Any suggestions or comments are appreciated!









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