Can we improve this newsgroup?

evodevo evodevo at
Wed Mar 23 06:35:00 EST 2005


Dear all,
while going through the postings on this newsgroup, it struck me as very
unfortunate that
there are no replies posted to any of the questions put forward in this
newsgroup. Only about 1 in 40 posted questions gets an answer.

Therefore my question: do people think this newsgroup is useful? How can
it be improved? My personal suggestion would be to implement a forum with
a more user-friendly interface, so that individual topics can be searched,
e.g. job postings, questions for protocols etc..
Forums also have the options of email alerts for watched topics
(similar to here), but answers are always posted to the forum, not to the
user, and so benefit the whole community.
I hope to get a few responses that we can put forward to Sherry Giglia at

For those of you wonder what I mean by "forums", please check out the
following link:
(It is an example of how a forum can be organized and look like).



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