apoptosis detection methods?

Jane Cox coxj at slu.edu
Mon May 16 12:16:00 EST 2005


Hi, I've just started using acridine orange stain, which binds to degraded
 DNA and fluoresces in an acidic environment. I seems to work well, but
you  would need a FITC filter for your fluorescent microscope.There is a
protocol  in: Furutani-Seiki et al. Development (1996) 123 229-239  Hope
this helps. Cheers, Jane

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Subject: apoptosis detection methods?

> Hi -
> I am looking for methods to detect apoptosis in zebrafish embryos (other
than TUNEL, Annexin V).
> I am curious, for example, if anyone has had success in zebrafish using
antibodies against activated caspases ?
> thanks,
> Ted
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