Baby zebrafish mortality

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Tue May 17 09:16:00 EST 2005


Good afternoon Joe,

We experience a mortality rate of about 5 - 10%, but it is a bit labor
intensive. I collect eggs, clean them, then put them in methylene blue -
treated embryo medium in glass pyrex dishes @ 28.5 degrees Celcius for 2
days. I exchange the treated EM with fresh fish water on the third day and
every day after that I refresh the dish with fish water.

Make sure that the day after you collect the eggs that you remove all dead

I usually begin to feed the embryos Tetrahymena on the sixth day, both
brine shrimp and tetrahymena starting the 10th day, and brine shrimp only
on the 13th day. When using brine shrimp I normally change the water 4
hours after feeding because most of it is dead by then.
Sometimes I feed with brine shrimp twice a day, but that means changing
the water twice a day.

The larvae are then placed in the system in a nursery setup (AHAB) until
they are about 30 days old.

I hope this helps.

Kelly Nembhard


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