[Zbrafish] Job: Developmental Neurobiology, Uni-Konstanz, Germany.

Eric Rivera-Milla eric.rivera-milla at uni-konstanz.de
Wed Nov 9 11:42:27 EST 2005

Postdoctoral and PhD positions- Developmental Neurobiology, Uni-Konstanz

Postdoctoral (BTAII) and PhD (BTAII/2) positions funded by TR-SFB11 
are available in the group of Developmental Neurobiology, Faculty of 
Biology, University of Konstanz, for research on "Molecular mechanism 
of axon regeneration in zebrafish".  The project will include in vivo 
and in vitro assays on zebrafish, tissue culture, axon growth assays, 
molecular cloning, transgenic zebrafish, morpholino and mRNA 
microinjection, heterologous expression on mammalian cell lines and 
laser confocal microscopy. Candidates are expected to have experience 
and primary research interests in developmental neurobiology and/or 
molecular neurobiology, as well as being highly motivated to work 
into an international and multidisciplinary group.

For further information and application, please contact:
Prof. Dr. Claudia A.O. Stuermer
Dept. of Biology
University of Konstanz
D-78434 Konstanz
Tel. 49-7531-882236
Fax 49-7531-883894
E-mail: Claudia. Stuermer at uni-konstanz.de
URL: http://www.uni-konstanz.de/FuF/TR-SFB11/trafo/

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