[Zbrafish] Searching for a reliable overseas courier...

christian lawrence clawrence at rics.bwh.harvard.edu
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Fedex will ship fish domestically.  I've done it for years, and the big
suppliers, like Ekkwill in Florida, also use it.

Overseas is another matter. I've sent them via fedex, but it can be tricky,
depending on what country you're shipping to.  

You may want to check with folks over at ZIRC about how they do it, as they
routinely ship overseas.

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...for shipping live zebrafish.

I know FedEx won't ship live animals, and we've used Marken in the past, but
their delivery schedule is slower than I'd like, and can be unreliable.

Can anyone reccommend a reliable, fast courier service that can ship live
zebrafish both domestically (in the U.S.) and overseas?

Mark A. Rath

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