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Hi - We use a 50:50 liquefied mixture of Argent Chemical Laboratories
Hatchfry Encapsulon, Grade 0 and spirulina.  Another option is a 50:50 mix
of Cyclop-eeze (also by Argent) and Spirulina.  We actually feed the former
exclusively to larvae 6-9dpf before presenting 1st instar artemia nauplii,
and feed this mix through the first 30-40 dpf along with artemia.  These
products have good nutritional profile and water stability, so they work
very well, particularly as a supplement to rotifer or paramecium early on.


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We're looking for a high quality feed for our young babies to supplement our
rotifer feeding.  We were previously using ZM-100 until it became
unavailable to import (?), so for the moment we have Zeigler Larval AP100
<100 micron.  Also, any recommendations for a juvenile dry feed to
supplement brine shrimp feedings?

Judy Bennett
UMass Amherst
jbennett at bio.umass.edu

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