[Zbrafish] tamoxifen-induced gene expression in zfish?

Gilbert Weidinger gweidin at u.washington.edu
Wed Apr 5 17:53:13 EST 2006

Hi all,

I wonder whether anybody has tried to use tamoxifen to induce expression of genes fused to the 
estrogen receptor? In particular, is anybody out there who has tried the Cre-ER T2 construct, which 
is being used in mice to induce Cre recombination in response to tamoxifen-treatment?

I would like to get info on:

1) toxicity of tamoxifen in zebrafish (embryos and adults)
2) effectiveness (does it actually induce expression at non-lethal doses)
3) tightness of regulation (are ER-fused constructs expressed without tamoxifen)

any help is greatly appreciated!
Gilbert Weidinger
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