[Zbrafish] Pronase

David Soriano david.sorianodelamo at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 26 11:29:47 EST 2006


My name is David Soriano.  I am a grad student in the chem department at 
McGill U. in Montreal.  I just googled pronase and came accross a message 
you wrote a few years ago in www.bio.net...It was regarding the different 
grades of Pronase that existed and their different prices.  I presently buy 
it from Aldrich but I just don't like the enzymes these people sell...they 
tend to be crap.  I am not sure about waht grade it is but it is probably 0 
if it even gets a number.  Did you ever end up figuring out who sells good 
pronase at a reasonable price?  A quick search lead me to Roche...did you 
ever try their enzyme preparation?  What buffers did you use it at?  At what 



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