[Zbrafish] Summary of responses regarding antibodies against bcatenin and cadnerin

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Thanks everyone who wrote both on and off the list!  I really appreciate
all the help with this.


I can't tell offhand which e-mail come directly to me and which go to
the whole listserv so I thought I would summarize.


Recommended B-catenin antibodies:

monoclonal beta-catenin antibody from BD Biosciences (catalog# 610153)
for immunofluorescence  (Chris Thorpe)

BD-pharminogen (Transduction Labs)  anti-beta-catenin (mouse monoclonal,
Transduction Labs C19220) (Bryan Crawford)

Sigma, C7207  (Howie Sirotkin) 

Sigma C2206 (Jeff Lee, Sarah Cheesman)



Recommended pan-cadherin antibodies:

Sigma's anti-pan-cadherin (rabbit polyclonal, catalogue number C3678)
(Bryan Crawford, Jeff Lee)



Other good Info:

>From Jen-Ning Tsai "According to Hibi's paper (Mech. Dev. 121, 371-386),
Sigma C2206 might work in IHC. In my lab, this antibody gave reasonable
result in Western blot using zebrafish embryos. The performance of this
antibody in immunofluorescence is under testing.  I am also interesting
in a pan-cadherin antibody. Dr. James Marrs in Indiana University had
published a paper regarding an e-cadherin polyclonal antibody with
excellent performance in immunofluorescence (Dev. Dyn. 230, 263-277). "



Hope this helps everyone!




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