[Zbrafish] fertilization

jenny rongyanj at 126.com
Sun Aug 20 09:11:42 EST 2006

     hi,everyone.Does anyone who is working on zebrafish sperm freezing
and IVF?I have some problems with the IVF. The hatching rate is very
low by IVF, only several embryos can survive from more than one hunderd
fertilized embryo.The most embryo can survive for 6-10h. after that,
the embryo will died gradually.but  I have control the
tempreture(25-30℃) and fungus for the petri dish which were filled
with embryo.
so my problem is that:
1. if the fugus exits, will all the embryo die?and how to kill the
fugus, do you have any methods more effectively?
2. My IVF method is following with  the zebrafish book, is there anyone
who make high hatching rate with this method?can you give me some
    Thank you for your help!

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