[Zbrafish] rack systems

Joanna Wilson jwilson at whoi.edu
Fri Aug 25 08:37:02 EST 2006

Hi all,
I will be setting up a new breeding  zebrafish facility in my department 
and have been looking at the Aquatic Habitats system.  I have used this 
system before and really liked it.  Because of the cost, I am required 
to look at alternatives and so I had the techniplast reps come by and 
talk to me about the ZebTec system.  It seems like a good system and a 
viable alternative to the AHAB system.

Does anyone have experience with both of these systems and could comment 
on what they particularly liked about each of them?
I don't have final pricing yet on the ZebTec system, so I am not sure 
how they compare there but I am more interested in hearing how easy they 
are to maintain and if anyone found some significant advantage to one 
system over the other.

Joanna Wilson

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