[Zbrafish] question about in vitro

giror33 at gmail.com giror33 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 11:16:03 EST 2006

hello, i am a student doing an independent study

i am trying to do in vitro, but every time that ive tried i cant seem
to find a male or simply that im  not sqeezing properly

the zebrafish book instructs:

6. With the capillary tube of the sperm collecting apparatus, gently
push aside the anal fins to expose the anus.
7. Using the forceps gently squeeze the sides of the fish at a point
just anterior to the anal fins, collecting the sperm with the capillary
tube. When finished return the fish to the finger bowl or recovery

i have done so with the fish underneath the 3d scope using a capillary
pipette, but when i tried to fertilize there were no sperm

i know for a fact that there are males because ive been able to get
embryos by marbeling the floor, but i cant quite distinguish between
males and females because all seem plump probably because they are well

i read on wikipedia that males have gold in between the stripes and
females have silver is that true?

also what is the "sperm collecting aparatus"... i was using a capillary
pipette and jently sucking in the fluid, i hope that i didnt squeze too
hard or in the wrong place and something worng came out

is that the correct way of doing it...

also with the forcepts where on the dorsalventral axis should i squeeze

thank you very much for any feed back, 
igor n

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