[Zbrafish] lab strain supply

Eric Herbst erich at aquaticeco.com
Thu Jan 5 09:11:45 EST 2006

Hi Mary,

Have you tried Aquatica Tropicals?  Evidently Scientific Hatcheries has
transferred their ZDR line to them...see below from Scientific Hatcheries

Best wishes,


Scientific Hatcheries -- Note address changes
8152 Evelyn Cr.
Huntington Beach, Ca. 92646 
714-960-4171      714-614-3925 Cell       DEWeaver at surfcity.net 

Big change. The hatchery has been sold and we are no longer in the business
of providing live animals. We are still consulting on aquaculture and waste
related problems with an emphasis on consulting for Consulting Engineering

Our Strain of wild type zebrafish (ZDR) has been transferred to Aquatica
Tropicals in Florida so researcher can continue to obtain this high quality,
high performance, genetically diverse (non-inbreed) strain of zebra fish for
their research needs. Aquatica Tropicals can be contacted at 1 (813)
757-0289 and they should be able to satisfy your research animal needs. 

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We're looking for a source of lab-strain zebrafish (established strains,
known breeding history) capable of producing ~3,500 eggs on a given day as
our previous source (Scientific Hatcheries) is closing.
Any suggestions would be helpful.

Mary Oswald
University of Idaho
Biological Sciences

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I am looking for nucleotide sequence of plasmid pMOSBlue. Have tried a few 
renowned internet databases, and in vain. Among others, I have been 
searching for the sequence at: 
Can someone give me a hand where to find it or maybe you can tell me whether 
the pMOSBlue sequence is known yet. Thank you so much for any help you can 
offer. Kind regards from Poland.

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