[Zbrafish] Embryonic development of Zebrafish

Melissa Haendel mhaendel at uoneuro.uoregon.edu
Wed Jan 25 12:19:10 EST 2006

Dear Francois,
Organogenesis is a term often used very loosely.  It being the formation 
of organs during embryogenesis, I would say, the beginning would be at 
the first sign of the first organ, the nervous system.  This would be 
around the end of gastrulation, (90%epiboly or so), when the neural 
plate becomes apparent. The nervous system is also considered to be the 
last organ to finish development, and some would even say that it 
continues to develop throughout life.

My two cents.

Melissa Haendel

françois wrote:

>Hey guys, I am currently wondering when (which stadium) is the
>organogenesis occuring?
>I was thinking about the 50%-epiboly stage before formation of the germ
>ring and hypoblast (Kimmel et al-1995 /fig 14). If anybody could
>confirm or give a more appropriate answer, I would be glad!
>thanks a lot
>François Busquet.
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