[Zbrafish] Fluorescence Microcopy Details

Tiago Filipe Baptista da Rosa Repolho trepolho at bio.ua.pt
Fri Jul 14 09:07:29 EST 2006

Dear Users,

My name is Tiago and at our lab we established a new 
Zebrafish facility that will support Zebrafish research on 
 Aquatic Toxicology as well as Genomics.
We now are on the urge to acquire a fluorescence 
microscope and I would like to ask if someone could inform 
me on the specific electron excitement as well as electron 
emission wave lenghts used and needed to visualize 
fluorescent compounds/dyes microinjected in Zebrafish 
I had a feedback from a sales company asking if a electron 
excitement wave lenght between 450 and 490nm, plus a 
electron emission wave lenght beyond 500nm, would be 
Could anyone advise me ont this issues, please?
I would appreciate very much,
Kind Regards,


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