[Zbrafish] Feeding and Breeding

Heather S McAllister hmcallis at Princeton.EDU
Mon Jul 24 11:20:02 EST 2006

We have been using a mix of Spirulina, Aquatox, Hikari micropellets, cyclopeeze and golden pearl.  Our fish originally laid great with this recipe, but lately we have been experiencing a problem with clutch size as well as unfertilized eggs.  Some of our previously fertile fish have stopped laying altogether.  We had received samples of both the Zeigler food from AHAB as well as the danio mix from Aquadine.  I found the Aquadine settled to the bottom and didn't filter out of the tank very well.  The Zeigler food seemed to be a good alternative, but this morning I noticed a LOT of algae build up in the tanks.  Within the last month we have basically cleaned every tank, hose and gutter, to try and combat the algae problem we were having and everything looked great for a while, but this weekend, the algae just exploded.  
Does anyone have any ideas about food recipes, or do you find that you have the same problem with Zeigler's?  I was thinking that maybe the fish have grown too accustomed to the food we were feeding and switching to a new formulation might increase the number fo fertilized eggs.  In the first few days, they do seem to be getting better, but I think it is too early to tell.  Thanks.
Heather McAllister
Laboratory Manager
Burdine Lab
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ

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