[Zbrafish] intron size

kovalick_g at utpb.edu kovalick_g at utpb.edu
Wed Jun 7 12:46:23 EST 2006

Does anyone have information as to the average size of zebrafish
introns?  Do they tend to be as large as mammalian introns, or smaller
like Drosophila introns, or somewhere in-between?  Does intron position
tend to be conserved between zebrafish and mammalian genes?  Can I use
intron size and position in a mouse gene as a reliable guide to intron
size and position in the homologous zebrafish gene?

I'd be grateful for any information on this topic.

Yours truly,

Gae Kovalick
Department of Science and Mathematics
University of Texas of the Permian Basin
Odessa, TX 79762

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