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I'm not sure if you alreday got some answers... as they didn't go over the  
list, I just tell you what are our experience.

We have 'till no characterised 7 complete (extracellular) gene loci in  
zebrafish, mouse and human in great detail. What I can say from that is:

+ The intron size in zebrafish is equally long as in human or mouse  
(although we didn't look exactly in that).
+ The intron length is not conservered (but is also no very well conserved  
between mouse and human).
+ The "exon phase" and "intron type" ist very well conservered.
+ The exon number and coding information (which domain od the protein etc)  
is mostly conservered.

Hope it helps... You have to judge for yourself if 7 genes is enough to  
draw conclusion for the whole genome ;-)


On Wed, 07 Jun 2006 19:46:23 +0200, kovalick_g at utpb.edu  
<kovalick_g at utpb.edu> wrote:

> Does anyone have information as to the average size of zebrafish
> introns?  Do they tend to be as large as mammalian introns, or smaller
> like Drosophila introns, or somewhere in-between?  Does intron position
> tend to be conserved between zebrafish and mammalian genes?  Can I use
> intron size and position in a mouse gene as a reliable guide to intron
> size and position in the homologous zebrafish gene?
> I'd be grateful for any information on this topic.
> Yours truly,
> Gae Kovalick
> Department of Science and Mathematics
> University of Texas of the Permian Basin
> Odessa, TX 79762
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