[Zbrafish] Problems in Tuebingen

Leviathan jason.cockington at adelaide.edu.au
Mon Jun 19 19:08:31 EST 2006

Hi guys,

i maintain a zebrafish facility in australia, for use in scientific
research at adelaide university.  I am still fairly new to the

recently I have been having problems with a mutation appearing in my
offspring.  Originally i thought the mutation was specific to one
strain of fish (tuebingen), and began a program to out breed the
mutation until i am able to aquire a new source of the fish.  More
recently however, i have discovered the same phenotype in two
completely seperate strains of fish (WT and WIK).  This has made me
think that the phenotype i have been seeing may not be related to the
genetics of the individual fish lines, but rather to a toxin in the
water or something like that.

to see a photo of the mutation click:

The fish with the 'curly' phenotype, never develop a swim bladder, and
so are unable to enter the water column.  Which is handy for seperating
out the deformed fish.  The phenotype is exactly the same in all three
lines of fish.

The occurence in the Tuebingen line of fish was about 1/4 of the
progeny, which is why i thought it was likely to be a recessive
mutation that had been amplified by inbreeding after a major population
bottleneck, but the fact that the penotype has now appeared in two
seperate strains of zf makes me think that it might be something else.

does anyone have any thoughts on my problem?

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