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Tue Jun 20 12:57:48 EST 2006


You may be on the right track with respect to a toxin. I'm curious to
know a bit more about your procedures and material choices for the
storage of embryos and larvae, as some materials are quite toxic to

Leviathan wrote:
> Hi guys,
> i maintain a zebrafish facility in australia, for use in scientific
> research at adelaide university.  I am still fairly new to the
> facility.
> recently I have been having problems with a mutation appearing in my
> offspring.  Originally i thought the mutation was specific to one
> strain of fish (tuebingen), and began a program to out breed the
> mutation until i am able to aquire a new source of the fish.  More
> recently however, i have discovered the same phenotype in two
> completely seperate strains of fish (WT and WIK).  This has made me
> think that the phenotype i have been seeing may not be related to the
> genetics of the individual fish lines, but rather to a toxin in the
> water or something like that.
> to see a photo of the mutation click:
> http://forum.fish.com/tm.asp?m=2236&mpage=1&key=&#2670
> The fish with the 'curly' phenotype, never develop a swim bladder, and
> so are unable to enter the water column.  Which is handy for seperating
> out the deformed fish.  The phenotype is exactly the same in all three
> lines of fish.
> The occurence in the Tuebingen line of fish was about 1/4 of the
> progeny, which is why i thought it was likely to be a recessive
> mutation that had been amplified by inbreeding after a major population
> bottleneck, but the fact that the penotype has now appeared in two
> seperate strains of zf makes me think that it might be something else.
> does anyone have any thoughts on my problem?

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