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Hi Charles,
The following book is good, but difficult to find. I also list some 
on-line histology resources. very best, -Jen

An Atlas of Fish Histology, Normal and Pathological, 2nd Ed. 1995, F. 
Takashima and T. Hibiya, Kodansha Ltd., Tokyo. and G. Fischer, New 
York. (ISBN1-56081-412-8, G. Fischer, N.Y.)

Fathead Minnow Histology Atlas -- University of Maryland:

Larval Anatomy and Histology of the Zebrafish --ZFIN, University of 

Trout Histology Image Collection -- U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service

 Fish Histopathology images at AFIP

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On Tuesday, June 13, 2006, at 02:24  AM, Charles Ellis wrote:

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> Dear all,
> I am trying to perform tissue sections of the heart and more 
> specifically
> the aorta of adult zebrafish. I have obtained a few histology reference
> books already (for example "Microscopic anatomy of salmonids" by 
> Yasutake
> and Wales) but found them to be not particularly detailed. Does anyone 
> have
> any suggestions for a good histology reference book? Any advice in 
> general
> of sectioning and/or cardiovascular biology would be most appreciated.
> Best wishes,
> Charlie Ellis.
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> Division of Cell and Molecular Biology,
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