[Zbrafish] quality of the water

David G. White dgw5079 at u.washington.edu
Tue Jun 27 12:10:32 EST 2006

Hello, we keep our pH 7.0 and our water hardness 180-220 ppm if you like all of water quality parameters and methods of manipulation can be found at http://staff.washington.edu/dgw5079/ under environmental.
Good luck

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On 27 Jun 2006, irojo at suk.azti.es wrote:

> Hi everybody!
> I would like to know the best conditions of the water for zebrafish.
> I refer to ph, hardness of the water (KH, gH...).
> In this place the tapwater is weak gH6, in this case is it a good
> option to add salts...?
> Could you help me with this question?
> Thanks very much and good luck with your experiments
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