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LARNO Valérie valerie.larno at irsn.fr
Thu Jun 29 02:30:11 EST 2006

Hi Charlie,


You can try the following RBC lysis buffer : 144 mM NH4Cl, 17 mM Tris, pH7.2
(Betti et al., 1993).

This buffer is used in the comet assay protocol to eliminate ZF RBC from ZF
hepatocytes suspension. 


Best wishes,

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Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 12:03:14 +0100
From: Charles Ellis 
Subject: [Zbrafish] Zebrafish RBC lysis
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Dear all,

Does anyone have a protocol to lyse zebrafish red blood cells? We have
using mammalian RBC lysis kits but these were unsuccessful in lysing the
cells from the fish. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Charlie Ellis.
Section of Immunology and Infection,
Division of Cell and Molecular Biology,
Sir Alexander Fleming Building,
Imperial College Road,
Imperial College, London.
SW7 2AZ UK.  

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