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Here at UMASS we use the Bluewater from the zebrafish book recipe  
post injection as an anti-fungal. Sometimes we see some fungus but  
its minimal at best.

Rinse the eggs throughly in a plastic tea strainer with a squirt  
bottle to get the majority of the detritus off the eggs prior to  

Be sure the material you inject on is clean. We use 3% Agarose and 1%  
glycerol to make the injection plates using molds available from  
Adaptive Science Tools (774) 239-6133.

The embryos are cleaned  several hours post injection, removing any  
unfertilized eggs as their presence and decay will directly impact  
the survival of other embryos in the dish

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On May 21, 2006, at 6:17 AM, Dikla Yahav wrote:

> Hello every body
> I work with zbrafish embryos and I have a little problem. Recently,  
> after injecting the embryos with no matter what, they tend to get  
> fungi. I although that it might be because I grow them in the  
> system water instead of embryo water. can any one recommend or tell  
> me how they grow their embryos except of what's written in the fish  
> book? any thing will be blest
> Thanks
> Dikla
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