[Zbrafish] zebrafish disease

jenny via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by rongyanj At 126.com)
Thu Nov 2 22:12:19 EST 2006

    Hi, everyone! I have a problem with breeding the zebrafish.I bought
two hunderd adullt zebrafish from the nearby market in our city about
two weeks ago. within first 5-6 days,the fish seems healthy and spry,
but now 10-20 fish has got serious disease, the symptom describe as
follows:white spots spreads in the fin and back; open their bloody
mouth and can not shut up,so they can not eat food freely and starve to
die; decayed tails and gills; swim slowly and so on. I have pick up the
ill fish and dissolve some drug to prevent the desease,but effect is
not so good.
    So I can not decide what kind of disease it is and have no right
method to cure the fish, It has make great lost for our laboratory. Is
there anyone who has relative knowledge and some good ideas?
    Thanks for your replying!

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