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The veterinarians that monitor the list will no doubt have more informed and
complete recommendations, especially with regards to diagnosis and
medications, but in general, I would euthanize every one of the fish you got
from the market, every fish that came in contact with them, and completely
sterilize everything they touched and start again.

If this is not an option, I would:
1. Make sure your h2o quality is good and stable.  Ammonia and nitrites need
to be zero, and nitrates low.  pH should be stable, ideally around 7.   
2. Kill everything that looks sick.  Aggressive culling is very important.
3. Cut back on the feeding.  Feed clean live food (i.e. Artemia from
decapsulated cysts) once a day or once every other day.
4. Lower the temperature. Slowly.  22-24 is fine if you acclimate them. 
5. Raise the conductivity of your water.  Again, not all at once.  For
example, if it is 500 uS, then bring it to 1000 over a week or so.  Raising
this parameter is especially important if your maintenance conductivities
are below 500uS.
6. Don't handle the fish. No breeding, no disturbance.

When things stabilize, you can start to add more feeding, raise temp, and
start to breed them again.   Keeping at elevated conductivities is probably
not a bad idea.   But when you think things are stable, start to bring
things back into operation slowly and carefully.  And avoid introducing fish
from an outside source directly into your facility in the future.  

Good luck,

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    Hi, everyone! I have a problem with breeding the zebrafish.I bought two
hunderd adullt zebrafish from the nearby market in our city about two weeks
ago. within first 5-6 days,the fish seems healthy and spry, but now 10-20
fish has got serious disease, the symptom describe as follows:white spots
spreads in the fin and back; open their bloody mouth and can not shut up,so
they can not eat food freely and starve to die; decayed tails and gills;
swim slowly and so on. I have pick up the ill fish and dissolve some drug to
prevent the desease,but effect is not so good.
    So I can not decide what kind of disease it is and have no right method
to cure the fish, It has make great lost for our laboratory. Is there anyone
who has relative knowledge and some good ideas?
    Thanks for your replying!

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