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Hi Becky,

We have three separate fish rooms on campus, one of which is located next 
to a mouse/hamster facility.  I do all the maintenance and train the lab 
folks and work study students to help with various chores.  Typically the 
only input we have from our regulatory body (IACUC) is a walk through 
inspection once or twice a year.  The University's IACUC membership 
includes two veterinarians (a local practitioner with research and 
laboratory animal care experience, and the Campus Veterinarian), one 
non-affiliated member from the local community, two non-scientists, the 
Director of Animal Care, and eight scientists/faculty members who conduct 
research and teach.  We have never had any problems with any of our 
inspections and I hope to keep it that way.  The only requirement they have 
is to make sure anyone who is working with the fish attend an Animal Care 
Training class.

We do not require special clothing (lab coats, booties) in the fish 
facilities, but do use a disinfectant foot bath in one of them.

We also use the Fisher tape, and after a while it may leave a residue we 
just have to scrub off.

Rust hasn't been much of a concern, although we have a little here and 
there- mostly superficial and easily removed with a scrub pad and elbow 
grease.   We were told chloride is the only thing that could cause 
stainless to rust...

As far as chemical fumes, we haven't had the need to paint and the only 
other chemical we use is ethanol to disinfect our spawning grass.   I've 
heard of people refraining from wearing heavy perfume/cologne as it may 
affect the fish, but haven't seen any evidence of that happening.

Hope this helps,

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>Hi everyone,
>Our fish facility at Princeton is under my supervision and animal care has 
>minimal input into our facility.  The only thing they do is take the trash 
>out that we place in the hallway.  However, each time we come up for 
>inspection by the University Committee on Animal Care or larger 
>inspections from the AAALAC, we begin to have some disagreements with the 
>departmental animal care staff.
>I would like to hear how other fish facilities are run with respect to 
>animal care and proper AAALAC practices.  In addition, if anyone has 
>answers to the questions below, I would appreciate it.
>1)       Does a University Animal Care group run your facility?  If not, 
>how much input do they provide?
>2)       Are you required to wear disposable lab coats, booties, and/or 
>face masks to enter your facility?
>3)       What do you label your tanks with?  Does anyone else use tape? Is 
>this an issue?
>4)       How do you deal with rust in your facilities?
>5)       How do people feel about using paint or other chemicals that 
>leave fumes in the facility?
>Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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