[Zbrafish] multi-tank system - problems with fish survival

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Mon Oct 23 18:40:24 EST 2006

Hi Chris,
Definately agree with Joseph. High ammonia and nitrate levels are  
common when starting and stocking a new system. As the bacteria levels  
in your bio-filter increase these levels will drop, but it does take  
time. You could think about seeding your bio-filter with commercially  
available bacteria to speed up the process and depending on amount of  
fish you have it is also important to gradually increase the fish  
stock on the new system and not overstock the system immediately.

Daniel Merlo
Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology
Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia.

Quoting cosgood from odu.edu:

> Hello! I know many labs using multi-tanks systems - we recently
> purchased ours from Aquatic Ecosystems. Unfortunately, our problems
> began almost as soon as we transfered our first, originally kept in
> stand alone glass aquaria, into their new homes. What we see is loss of
> embryo viability - the vast majority die within 12-24h after collection
> from a separate breeding tank.We think the problem is with the
> multi-tank unit - the water pH runs low (@5), we have have levels of
> ammonia and nitrates - and we see none of this problem with our
> individual tanks. So something to do with the multi tank unit, whether
> it's the pump system, the plastic used in the tanks or the reservior,
> no clue. Has anyone out there had similar problems? More importantly,
> how did you resolve your water quality issues? We've not had much luck
> in getting useful advice from Aquatic Ecosystems. I'm hoping the zfish
> community will be able to suggest some approaches we could try out.
> Resolving the pH problem is probably the simplest issue, but it is a
> puzzle that we don't see the problem in stand alone tanks!
> Thx for your time - Chris
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