[Zbrafish] Does anybody have problem with system purchased from Marine Biotech?

Kannika Siripattarapravat via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by siripatt from msu.edu)
Tue Oct 31 17:08:32 EST 2006

Hello everybody,


Our lab purchased the Z-mod72 system from Marine Biotech two year ago. We
encountered heating system malfunction 3 times, either heating unit out of
order or operating unit failed to operate heating unit. The later one
brought much serious problem when temperature of system went over to 34C
overnight. We replaced heating and operating unit twice and will be again. 


I wonder if anybody have problem with system purchased from Marine Biotech,
especially Z-mod72? I do not mean to blame the company but I would like to
know whether it is the defect of this model or repeatedly unlucky event or
some problem of out electricity in the lab, so that I can avoid reoccurrence
of the same problem. I am sure that many of you have experiences in this
issue or at least similar one. Please if you can help me out on this, any
suggestions about system temperature alarm or auto dial is also needed.


Thank you very much.


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