[Zbrafish] Data on growth curves?

Pernille pernille.thorbek at syngenta.com
Tue Sep 19 05:49:24 EST 2006

Dear Zebrafish Community

We are currently developing a model to simulate the lifecycle and
population dynamics of zebrafish to investigate the effects of exposing
them to a toxicant.  However, we can find very little information in
the literature about the basic growth characteristics of zebrafish, for
example length and weight variation as a function of age, temperature,
food availability and density.

Does anybody have such data that they would be willing to share with
us?  We are particularly interested in data where zebrafish length
and/or weight has been measured at time intervals over a whole
life-cycle, from hatch to adulthood.  And if anybody has investigated
this for a variety of temperatures, feeding regimes or densities, then
that would be even better.

We would be extremely grateful for any help in this area.

Kind Regards

Pernille Thorbek and Rosie Chandler

Dr. Pernille Thorbek
Ecological Modeller
Ecological Sciences
Syngenta, UK

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