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Chi-Bin Chien chi-bin.chien at neuro.utah.edu
Tue Sep 19 17:42:13 EST 2006


Actually, in principle WIK L11 fish should only have at most four 
alleles at any given locus, since they are supposed to be descended 
from a single pair of fish in Tuebingen. The line was generated in 
this way in order to use it for mapping when crossed to other lines.

Perhaps you'll have better luck with a strain such as Tuebingen or 
TL, or even better get fish from a commercial supplier that keeps 
bigger populations. Alternately you could cross WIK to Tuebingen.

Chi-Bin Chien

At 11:24 AM +0100 9/15/06, tsc202 at exeter.ac.uk wrote:
>I am currently conducting a PhD at the University of Exeter, looking at
>the population level impacts of endocrine disruption in fish. Part of this
>work involves some parentage analyses, for which we are using
>We have recently encountered a problem however, as the current strain we
>have in the lab (WIK strain) has a very low level of variation, with
>typically only 4-6 alleles per microsatellite locus. As a result, the
>experiments that we can conduct are somewhat constrained.
>I'm hoping that someone will have access to a strain of zebrafish with
>significantly more variation. This will probably mean the fish are either
>wild caught, or only a couple of generations removed and have not been
>bred through a bottleneck, as seems to be the case for most lab strains
>used in the field.
>If anyone can help I would be very grateful.
>Best wishes, Toby Coe
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