[Zbrafish] Unfertilized egg

jenny rongyanj at 126.com
Wed Sep 27 08:37:58 EST 2006

  hello!everyone,I'm doing some IVF experiments about zebra fish, so I
need many mature unfertilized eggs by stripping the female, my problem
is that:
  when I bought a new batch fish, the females are easy to be stripped
some egg,after sevaral days, the female cann't produce egg any more
though we do our best to feed them good food,eg.artemia and some
powder.It seems that the longer fish was raised,the least chance we
will get the egg.so I have no choice but to buy a new batch fish once
IVF test.It cost me lot of time and energy.So how to deal with this
   Looking forward to your reply!thanks!

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