[Zbrafish] embryo contamination

antiquemaniac47906 from yahoo.com via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by antiquemaniac47906 from yahoo.com)
Wed Apr 4 11:18:51 EST 2007

> We are experiencing contamination inside the chorion of our zebrafish
embryos.  A 10% system water change occurs 3-4X per week and water
quality tests show normal ranges.  The
fertilized eggs are washed with .003% bleach within 20 minutes of
fertilization.  Our breeders are about 1 year old.  The embryo media
is changed
every 24 hours.
>  The contaminant appears as a cloudy white, flocculent mass which
increases over time until the embryo dies.  Does anybody have any
suggestions as
to how we may combat this issue.
>   Thanks for your help,
>  David Southern  - Jim Marrs Lab IUPUI
>  Don Ratcliffe     - Jim Marrs Lab IUPUI

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