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Wed Apr 4 16:10:10 EST 2007


There is quite a bit of info missing here. Obviously there are a lot
of factors that can influence the health of adult fish, fry and

Are the fish on a recirculating, or a static system? At what density
do you keep the adult fish? Do you sex segregate? Where does the
breeding take place? How are you collecting eggs? What embryo media is
used? At what density do you keep the embryos?

You say water quality is within "normal" ranges, what exactly is that?
Ammonia? Nitrate? Nitrite? Alkalinity? Hardness? Salinity?
Conductivity? Temperature? What is the source of the water (i.e.
Reverse Osmosis, well water, conditioned tap water)?
A 10% water change is ideally performed on a daily basis, not just a
few times a week.

What and how frequently do you feed?

Finally, posting a photo of the 'contaminant' on a site like
photobucket, would be very helpful.

antiquemaniac47906 from yahoo.com wrote:
> > We are experiencing contamination inside the chorion of our zebrafish
> embryos.  A 10% system water change occurs 3-4X per week and water
> quality tests show normal ranges.  The
> fertilized eggs are washed with .003% bleach within 20 minutes of
> fertilization.  Our breeders are about 1 year old.  The embryo media
> is changed
> every 24 hours.
> >
> >
> >  The contaminant appears as a cloudy white, flocculent mass which
> increases over time until the embryo dies.  Does anybody have any
> suggestions as
> to how we may combat this issue.
> >
> >
> >   Thanks for your help,
> >
> >  David Southern  - Jim Marrs Lab IUPUI
> >
> >  Don Ratcliffe     - Jim Marrs Lab IUPUI
> >

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