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Gas bladder inflation is initially achieved by the larva swimming to the surface and gulping air and forcing it through the gut to fill the bladder.  Fish that are unable to do this for various reasons will show this "failure to inflate gas bladder" phenotype that is simply a result of their inability to get to the air water interface.  In the case of many developmental mutants, the gas bladder defect is probably secondary; the defects associated with whatever the mutation is prevent the animal from  inflating the gas bladder.  It may be possible to rescue some mutants in instances where the failure to inflate is what kills them (mutant phenotype not lethal in and of itself).  In these cases one can rescue the gas bladder phenotype (and thereby the fish)by keeping them in very shallow water with a little surface agitation.  In cases where the mutant phenotype is more severe, however, (the gas bladder is the least of the animal's problem), this kind of remediation will not help.
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Many developmental defects in zebrafish end up in the absence of 
inflated swim bladder.
Does anybody know about any case in which this phenotype had been 
successfully rescued? by  mRNA injection of any particular gene, or by 
using special feeding or drugs ...  (?)
Thanks in advanced

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