[Zbrafish] Working schedule for mid- to late- somite stage study

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Hi Tony,

I have a few suggestions.

1. Do you have access to a light cycle cabinet?  If so you can put some
fish on a different cycle and arrange it so you are injecting at night
and collecting in the morning.

2. I assume the answer to 1 is no, so what we do it inject, raise to
shield stage at 28 degrees, then shift the embryos to 25 degrees
overnight.  The next morning they are usually around 14-16 somites (our
lights come on at 9am).  If you do this, you must make sure that the
cool down doesn't affect the process you are studying in wildtypes.  We
find it is healthier for the embryos to wait until epiboly is well
underway before the shift.  You just have to see how your fish and your
environment work with this idea.

3. Separate the males and females and put them together a bit later.
You can put them together around 11am, inject then, and do the cool

Good luck,

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My name is Tony and I am a graduate student working on zebrafish
embryonic development. My project involves embryo injection and fixing
injected embryos at 8-20 somite stage embryos (8-20hpf). In addition,
the animal facility we shared turns the light on at 8am. So
subsequently, my work usually starts at 8am and ends at 3am. It's quite
a stretch for me.
So my question is, "is there any way to arrange the work so that I don't
have to do this all the time?"

Thanks for any input.


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