[Zbrafish] AHAB Nursery tank questions & Intro

Jocie via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by jocelyn.mcauley from gmail.com)
Thu Aug 16 19:10:20 EST 2007


I am working with a new AHAB facility at OHSU in Portland Oregon.  We
are trying out their mesh bottomed cylinders for baby raising (for the
first time).

For AHAB users:
- what is your density of fish per cylinder?
- at what age do you transfer them out and into the tank?
- opinions on water entry point (there are multiple holes drilled into
the lids)?

I've inherited a protocol from Stony Brook:
- 25 fish per cylinder
- transfer to 3L tank at 25 per tank on day 21
- thin out to 10 fish per 3L tank on day 30

My background is 14 years at the Zebrafish Facility at the U of O, 10
years of that in the Westerfield Lab.  I've recently moved to Portland
where I am bringing the Brehm zebrafish facility up to speed.



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