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We (and several other facilities here at Children's Hospital Boston) use
a "Steamscrubber" by Labconco, which I guess could be classified as a
basic undercounter industrial type washer.  We run everything through
these at either low or high heat modes; the polycarbonate tanks are
washed at "high".  I do not know the temperature or duration of these
cycles.   We do not use soap, but instead use a bit of bleach (10-20
mls) in each cycle.  I assume one could use Clidox in the same fashion.
The bleach does seem to corrode (if that is the right word) some of the
components of the units, but only after many, many cycles.  

I also know that in some aquaculture facilities, powdered Alconox is
used to clean glassware and plastics.

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Hi, I work in the zebrafish facility at the Gurdon Institute at
Cambridge University, UK. I was wondering if there is a make or model of
dishwasher that is best for washing removable zebrafish tanks (we use
Marine Biotech tanks)? Is washing with hot water ok or is there a
particular detergent that is safe to use?



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